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   BEHLKE solid-state
switches can be equipped
with various housing, connector and
cooling options as well as with options for different
 electrical behavior to meet individual design requirements.
Applicable options are listed in the related product surveys A to G
                   Compact Switch
BEHLKE products are 100% leadfree, RoHs and 3TG compliant. Certificates are available on request.
PRODUCT SELECTION: High voltage and pulsed power applications imply always a certain risk of sparking and flash over by nature, especially if the ambient conditions, operating conditions, or load conditions change unexpectedly. Therefore, the peak current capability of a solid-state switch should be always as high as possible, at the very least higher than the possible short circuit current of the application. Regarding the selection of voltage rating we suggest a safety margin of at least 5 % for MOSFET switches and at least 20 % for all bipolar switches (IGBT, MCT, SCR) to minimize the risk of damage by unexpected voltage fluctuation or unexpected flyback-voltage. The long-term reliabillty, respectively, the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of a high voltage solid-state switch is always a function of its operating temperature. Therefore, we highly recommend operating the switches only at moderate temperatures whenever possible. This is achieved primarily by choosing sufficient on-resistance, current capability, natural capacitance and coupling capacitance. Please refer to our General Instructions for the resistive and capacitive power loss calculations. In cases that the calculated power dissipation exceeds the Pd(max) rating of the switch, appropriate cooling options must be added. Please note, that the individual  Pd(max) ratings are always referred to a housing temperature of 25�C. This laboratory test condition is of course not given in practice. Designers must also consider increased ambient temperatures as well as the actual housing temperature in operation. Therefore, many applications require special cooling measures. BEHLKE offers a broad selection of cooling options for every situation. Designers can choose between ceramic cooling surfaces, cooling fins, cooling flanges and liquid cooling with water or dielectric coolants. Please refer to the data sheets and the following product surveys for further information. TECHNICAL SUPPORT:  In order to exclude any technical misunderstanding and to work efficiently to the benefit of our customers, we do not provide any oral consultation or technical support on the phone, except for unavoidable urgent cases. For a first time consultation, please carefully fill in our questionnaire or describe your application as precisely as possible on a separate sheet and send it to BEHLKE by email or fax. We assure you, that all your technical information will be handled strictly confidential. Submitted Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) will be legally verified and signed within one working day. Any qualified aftersale support requires a complete set of information about your application. This includes a drawn or sketched circuit diagram, timing diagram, measuring values and oscilloscope screen shots, as well as reliable information about the actual operating conditions (voltage, current, frequency, pulse width, duty cycle, transition times, operating temperature etc.). Additional pictures of the experimental set-up can help to analyze and troubleshoot your application more efficiently and faster. Due to high capacity utilization of our support & development department, the processing of technical inquiries may take from one day up to several weeks, depending on the complexity of the application, the availability of the individual experts and the quality and completeness of the technical information provided by the customer.

Please also note that BEHLKE is a true part components manufacturer. We provide free support for our products but we do not develop applications unless we are explicitly ordered. We also do not overtake any responsibility or warranty for the function of our products in customer applications. Thank you for your understanding.
  Switches, Current Depending On-TIme, SCR Thyristor. Kiloampere applications, charge & discharge, crowbars.
  Switches,  Fixed On-Time, Standard, MOSFET. General pulse applications, charge & discharge, pulsed electrical fields.
  Switches, Fixed On-Time, High di/dt, MOSFET. High current, high frequency, excellent burst capability, fast charge & discharge.
  Switches, Fixed On-Time, Ultrafast, MOSFET. High current, high di/dt, low to medium frequency, ultrafast charge & discharge.
  Switches, Fixed On-Time, Low On-Resistance, Trench-FET.  High current, charge & discharge at moderate speed.
  Switches, Variable On-Time, Standard, MOSFET. General pulse & switching applications, fast rise time, high frequency.
  Switches, Variable On-Time, High di/dt, MOSFET. High current at moderate frequency, fast rise time.
  Switches, Variable On-Time, Low Capacitance, MOSFET. Low coupling capacitance. LC2 topology for excellent transient immunity.
  Switches, Variable On-Time, Low On-Resistance, Silicon Carbide FET & Trench-FET. High current, low turn-on losses
  Switches, Variable On-Time, AC MOSFET. Bidirectional switches for pos. & neg. voltages without pole change. AC up to 5 MHz.
  Switches, Variable On-Time, IGBT. High di/dt & current capability at moderate frequency. True on-off switch.
  Switches, Variable On-Time, MCT Thyristor. High di/dt & current capability at moderate frequency. True on-off switch.
  Switches, Variable On-Time, Push-Pull, MOSFET. Two switching paths in half-bridge configuration. True square wave pulses.
  Switches, Variable On-Time,  AC Push-Pull, MOSFET. Half-bridge for positive and negative voltages without polarity change.
   High Voltage Pulser Units. Laboratory pulser units, OEM pulser units for special purposes, pockels cell drivers.
  FDA, Fast Recovery High Voltage Diode Assemblies. Fast free-wheeling diodes & networks.
  DLC, Direct Liquid Cooling for High Voltage Electronics. Pump units, radiators, heat exchanger, coolant etc.
  HV Part Components & Accessories. Resistors, capacitors, fast high voltage probes, ultrafast high voltage attenuators.

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