Exhibitions and Events
   EPE 2015 + Visit at CERN, Geneva / Switzerland
The Set-Up
The EPE 2015 Conference & Exhibition at CICG Conference Center Geneva
Visit at our customer CERN
Frédérick Bordry, Director for Accelerators and Technology at CERN
Let's talk about the details
The 27 km long LHC accelerator tunnel
LHC test stand for 15 m dipole magnets
LHC magnet test set-up
LHC magnet junction point
A cross-section through the dipole magnet for the two oppositely directed beams.
The superconducting dipole magnet in a more detailed view.The magnet is kept at a temperature
of -271°C by means of liquid helium to achieve the superconduction state of the coil wires.
All is under high vacuum. The vacuum is by one magnitude of order better than on the moon. 
13 kA power connector for the magnet. A special challenge is the temperature gradient fom -271°C to +20°C.
400 MHz radiofrequency cavity. RF cavities accelerate particles and keep them in controlled bunches.
The RF waves are generated by high power klystrons and are supplied by wave guides to the cavities.
CERN control center I
CERN control center II
Alcohol problems in the control center?
BEHLKE high voltage switches (model HTS 901-10-LC2, 90 kVDC / 100 Amps) at CERN.


Exhibitions and Events