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  ELECTRONICA 2012, 13th to 16th November 2012 in Munich / Germany
Behlke Electronica - Entrance West

ELECTRONICA Munich. The worlds leading trade fair for professional electronics.

Behlke Electronica - Visitors Entrance West
9:00 a.m. They are coming!
Behlke Electronica - Markus Keller: Final polishing
Purchase Manager Markus Keller: Final polishing.
Behlke Electronica: Markus Keller, Olga Tishurova, Monty Grimes
Ready for the visitors: Markus Keller, Olga Tishurova and  Monty Grimes (from left to right)
Behlke Electronica - Monty Grimes, Viktoria Hottmann
 Vice President Monty Grimes and Junior Assistant Viktoria Hottmann: We even try to speak Spanish for our customers.
Behlke Electronica - Olga Tishurova, Torsten Meissner
Vice President Olga Tishurova and  Production Manager Torsten Meißner
 Behlke Electronica - Sven Jacobi, Viktoria Hottmann, Monty Grimes
Left: Development Engineer Sven Jacobi with a visitor 
Behlke Electronica - Fruits, Sweets and Switches
Sweets, fruits and high voltage switches: Whatever the visitors wish.
Behlke Electronica - PU2 Pump Unit Demonstration Set-Up with iPhone
 The  demonstration display of a dielectric liquid cooling system using the new BEHLKE PU-2 pump unit. Various malfunctions can be simulated to demonstrate the safety features of the intelligent PU-2 pump. Top left in the cooling box is a callable cell phone (i-phone 5) immersed in the liquid, to show the dielectrical properties
of  the FPFE coolant. In the lower cooling box are two resistors of 47 Ohm each, which are connected in series to the mains voltage (240 VAC). The resulting power dissipation is 560 Watt, which can be removed either by the active radiator (AR-800W) or the heat exchanger (HE-10). At the right side of the resistor box is a high-voltage high-frequency switching unit (FSWP 51-01) with a transparent viewing window. The unit can generate square wave pulses from 0 to 5 kV at a repetition rate
of up to 3 MHz. The rise and fall time is less than 6 ns. Thanks to the DLC cooling, the max. power dissipation in this small plastic housing can be up to 1500 Watt.
 Behlke Electronica - Display Case for Dielectric Liquid Cooling Equipmnt
The display case for the dielectric liquid cooling equipment. In the front is a 19" rack housing  with an integrated PU-2 pump unit.
Behlke Electronica - Display case for the demonstration of the compact switch series
Top: The high voltage demonstration set-up for the new compact switches. Underneath: A small selection of  fast high voltage MOSFET switches 
Behlke Electronica - 20 kV Demonstration Set-Up for the Compact Switches
The high voltage demonstration set-up in operation with 20 kV input voltage. All switch control inputs are unshielded and connected in parallel. All switches are in a high side configuration with a 5 Kiloohm load at the output (except the push-pull switch). On the scope display: Yellow = common TTL control signal, blue = 6 kV push-pull switch,  violet = 12 kV variable on-time switch, green = 24 kV fixed on-time switch. All three switches are operated at the same time at about 90% of their maximum operating voltage. The high voltage pulse rise times of the three switches are between 5 to 8 ns. Nice to see that the three switches do not interference each other, even with unshielded input wiring. The newly developed  VC4 control circuit guarantees a perfect EMC even under the absolute worst conditions!
Behlke Electronica - Display Case No. 3
A small selection of FDA fast high voltage diodes, high voltage square wave pulsers and pockels cell drivers
Bhlke Electronica - Display Case No. 4
A small selection of  fast high voltage push-pull switches
Behlke Electronica - Display Case No. 5
Fast high voltage thyristor switches (1)
Behlke Electronica - Display Case No. 6
Fast high voltage thyristor switches (2)
Behlke Electronica - 150 kV High Power Switches
Liquid cooled high-power high-voltage switches in a tubular housing. The switches are equipped with a special noise filter (black tube) and have a separate
 control unit. Top: MOSFET switch, 100 kV / 200 A / 20 kW.  Middle: MOSFET switch, 150 kV / 200 A / 30 kW.  Below: MOSFET switch, 150 kV / 400 A / 40 kW
In the background at the blue column: A 150 kV, 200 A MOSFET push-pull switch in a plastic standard housing, also with DLC direct liquid cooling.
Behlke Electronica - Sven Jacobi, Torsten Meissner, Behlke Shark
An issue for highly qualified engineers: The radio controlled BEHLKE shark.
Behlke Electronica - Frank Behlke, Torsten Meissner, Sven Jacobi, Monty Grimes
At last, they got it.
Behlke Electronica - The Blue Behlke Shark
Frank Behlke, , Olga Tishurova, Viktoria Hottmann, Hannah Pohl, Monty Grimes, Torsten Meissner
Thank you for your visit and see you soon in Nürnberg and San Francisco! From left to right: Frank Behlke, Olga Tishurova, Viktoria Hottmann, Hannah Pohl,
Monty Grimes and Torsten Meißner

Exhibitions and Events